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don't freak out, ok? i did.

i'm moving out.
it was a mutual decision, we both brought it up together. i assumed it was permanent, david wants it to be temporary.
i want my own place! i want my own space and to have my own friends over.
things are ok. really. better than ok. i'm really scared and i keep crying, but i'm happy.
i have never been on my own before.


i just checked all the az residents' facebook statuses. they all basically boil down to WTF THE CARDINALS ARE IN TEH SUPER BOWL

:) that was a damn good game :)

i think i may have found a new obsession

weaving. well, maybe. it's just a whole new way of looking at yarn!

a nice loom costs something like $1500, so i'm starting with this.

i am imagining a HANDSPUN, HANDWOVEN blanket. in this fantasy, i am cuddling by the fireplace with the dogs, drinking cocoa, relaxing under my blanket. i do not have a fireplace or cocoa, but i do have dogs, so i think i can make this work.

r.i.p. meo

meo died around 1:30 this morning. he died in david's arms while we snuggled him in bed. he had been very weak all day and we could tell it was coming. we made sure that one of us was touching him the entire day. he only mewed once, and, in typical meo fashion, it was because he wanted more cuddles.
david's grandma came over around 2 and we buried him in the yard with little stones around him for a plot.
i am hurt, but david is broken. send him kind thoughts, please.
You know, I think the Catholic Church would have better turn out if it didn't refer to its holidays as "Holy Days of Obligation". Why not "Jesus Parties"?

I also think kids would have more fun studying advanced mathematics if we refer to proofs as "math hugs."



my car is totaled. my precious first ever dream car sexy black pt cruiser with wood side-paneling that i was nowhere close to paying off, my dear pepperbox, is dead. i had a good long sob.

here's the new plan: insurance is paying off the remaining $10000 on my loan. i'm going to get a new loan, buy a cheap old car for under $5000, use my summer school fee as a down payment, and come out of this with a new car and $7000 less debt than i would have had previously.

this situation really sucks, but it is the best possible car accident i could have had, so no worries, amigos.

sad lolz

So this morning, Wigglepuppy started heaving and making this weird sound that is basically the sound baby teeth shaking around in a Coke can. I thought he was going to burst, so David and I ushered him outside. He started barfing.
He barfed up a penny.
Then he came back into the living room, barfed four more times, and threw up more change.

Lol combined with WAH WAAAAAAH.


I find this really funny and ironic and also kind of terrifying. Watch The Business of Being Born in order to see that this type of statement is a perfect example about what midwives fight against: "Birth isn't normal! Everything goes wrong all the time! Women's bodies don't work right! Natural birth isn't natural!!"

Ugh. And this was posted on TMZ, which gets like 9 trillion hits a day.


my favorite student (from last year) just sent me this:

i told him that while the content was not appropriate to send to a teacher, i did teach them mathematical pick up lines last year, and i really appreciated the gesture.
it was also the only thing that got me to stop crying.

one of my students tried to kill herself over the weekend. it's what's called an "earnest attempt"--no threats, no signs, just tried to end it.*

the stepsister of another one of my students ran away and got half way across the state this weekend before she ended up in a hospital. horrible enough. she ran away because my student has been sexually assaulting her on a regular basis for over a year.

i do not know how to deal with these things.

*interestingly, while this was happening, down to the hour, i was having a dream that my above-mentioned favorite student had died. i spent the entire dream crying and mourning him. huh.

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