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i have to read 10 books and an obstetrics textbook in the next 6 months for my midwifery class.

off to the library!

Three things

that make me happy:

1. The background on my phone is now a looping video of Jayme and Portillo dancing...and it matches the beat of any song!

2. David and I spent the evening having a romantic date at Home Depot. He now has everything he needs to build a new terrarium for Frisky Dingo, including a car full of lumber and a miter saw; I now have everything I need to grow an organic herb garden in the backyard, including fertilizer made from worm poop and a watering can. IT WILL BE LIKE HARVEST MOON FOR REALZ.

3. Tomorrow is PUPPY BOWL!!!!!!!

winter equinox...or, general update

I will not comment much on my recent and shameful yarn gluttony...let me just say that I am certainly my father's daughter, and sometimes I think I inherited his impulse control.

In other yarny news, I got my first shipment from the Lucky Lurker's Club (David's Christmas present to me) yesterday, and it's really beautiful!! It's nice DK weight yarn in these deep, beautiful purples and blues and it's just perfect for a quick knit (as quick as anything requiring thousands of meticulous, identical stitches can ever be). There are only two problems with it.
1. The pattern. This is a sock club, but the pattern? Mittens. I have a harder time justifying making mittens in AZ than wool socks. Luckily I have the generic duet sock pattern to work off of as well.
2. The name. The colorway is called "Winter Equinox". Now, I might not be Wiccan anymore, but last time I checked there was no such thing as a winter equinox. A solstice, yes. Equinox? Grrrr.

I have a new RCIA sponsor. Her name is Helen and she is also a math teacher and wicked nerdy and part of what one might refer to as the "tapered pants crowd". She's a decent lady and likes to hug me, so everyone wins!!

Things between David and me are better. Incredibly better. Probably the best they've ever been!! What happened happened thusly: he noticed that I've been withdrawn. Like, super withdrawn, even for me, who is not usually too loquacious to begin with. We stopped having sex and I kind of stopped touching him all together. He asked me what was up and promised to just listen, and I told him everything that's been bugging me (that also marked the first time ever that David initiated a late night talk. Erin: 500000 late night talks. David: 1.)
I told him that I was having feelings for Jayme, but that I recognized it as a symptom of feeling the strain of our relationship and that I chose not to act on it, and he was actually pretty cool about it. Also, just talking it out helped me put things in perspective--Jayme is basically David but less angry. I guess I have a type, and that type is burly Jewish guys.

We are both really really working on things, and it's going so much more smoothly than I was hoping. We're both no longer such extreme personalities, I think--I'm not as super sensitive and he's not so aggressive. I'm very glad that he's becoming more considerate and conscientious, and that I'm becoming more assertive. But, I still appreciate having a boyfriend who can kill a man with his bare hands like fifteen different ways, and he still appreciates having a girlfriend who cries during Buffy episodes.

I really thing we're reaching an equilibrium. In the winter. So, a winter equinox? Hey, it works. :)

i have a new favorite pizza

no cheese, extra sauce, tomatoes, double onions.

please please please send me strength because i don't know how to endure one more day but i know that i have to endure it, somehow.

aurora, goddess sparkle
shoot me beyond this suffer
the need is great

yarngasm followed by sleep

Yeeeeee! I am now on Ravelry! after being on the waiting list for over a month. If you are, too, I can has screename??? Mine is sockblocker.

ok now i am procrastinating

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i realized what my mood is: i am in the mood to lay out on chapin lawn in this lovely weather. i am having physical memories of smith in the late summer. it makes me feel free and as if this isn't really my life. le sigh
and she is officially my ideal woman.

is amber benson gay?

Jun. 11th, 2007

The mystery of who has been bringing in dead cockroaches and headless lizards and lining them up then the hall has been solved!
It was not David, which is a relief.
It is Alex, our very witchy black cat, who wants to impress us with her mad hunting skills.
I am notsoimpressd.